Love and the city of Los Angeles

My friend and talented photographer Meredith Anderson (Mickaliger until yesterday) married her awesome husband Doug this weekend.  Bad Cop/Bad Cop got to play the rehearsal dinner, officially making it a "punk rock wedding." Meredith commissioned me to make a piece of art for Doug as her gift to him (as if she weren't already the greatest gift of his life.  She is so generous.) We have been sneaking around for about six months, sharing info and ideas on the project.  Doug was presented with his gift at the rehearsal dinner on Friday.

Having converged on the city of Los Angeles from Long Island and Chicago, the couple met in LA after buying tickets to all the same shows for several years.  Music is one of their major shared influences.  I wanted to showcase this unique setting and their love of music, so I build the diorama inside a vintage radio housing.  I had some fun mashing together iconic Los Angeles buildings and landmarks, as well as some venues that the couple frequents.  Anatomical hearts are just too beautiful and appropriate to leave out of this piece, so I turned one into an instrument, adding keys and transforming valves into brass bells and a mouthpiece.

I couldn't have asked for a better assignment: two people I like, with good taste and fun interests celebrating a new, exciting phase of their lives.

"Love and the city of Los Angeles"

mixed media, wood, clay, fabric, wood & gold leaf inside vintage radio housing.