Newton's Third at F+ Gallery
McLean Fahnestock for Newton's Third
Fred Rose for Newton's Third
Alex Gardner for Newton's Third
 Some visitors in the back gallery at Newton's Third opening reception.  
Patti McCandless and Autumn Buck for Newton's Third
 Visitors in the front gallery at F+ for Newton's Third opening night.
 Closing up after the opening reception for Newton's Third at F+ Gallery.  from left to right:  Steven Pilla, Nicole Goux, Julius Tanag, Aaron Brown, Jennie Cotterill, F+ Owner & Founder: Micah Kersh.
THE ART OF NOISE - co-curated with JOSHR
CJ Benninger for The Art Of Noise
Lindsey Lutts for The Art of Noise
Craig "Skibs" Barker for The Art of Noise
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